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Allium City Contest

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Allium City Contest

Post  Meap the Alien on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:26 am

The Allium City Contest!


1. You may use two Pokémon minimum, at the same time during the Appeals round and 1 during the battle round.
2. No cheating or sabotaging other contestants
3. You may use one sticker on each Pokeball and no more.


The is a double performance.

You are allowed two Pokémon for the Appeals Round. These Pokémon may NOT be used again if you have more than two Pokémon.

You are allowed one Pokémon for the Battle Round. This Pokémon MUST remain constant throughout the whole Battle Round. If you only have two Pokémon, you are allowed to use the same Pokémon used for the Appeals Round. If you have three or more Pokémon this Battle Round Pokémon must be different than the one used in the Appeals Round.

Appeals Round

You may use 1 sticker on your Pokéball.

This is a double performance and you must use two Pokemon.

You must show off your Pokémon style and grace using a sequence of their moves.

Any slip-ups will result in a loss of a chance to make it forward.

Eight coordinators will make it through to the Battle Round.

Battle Round

You may use 1 sticker on your Pokéball.

This is a single performance and you must use one Pokemon to battle.

The battles are randomly selected and the Battle Round functions in a Bracket Format. The winner of each round advances on.

You will be judged on Style, Battle Technique and Beauty.

You have 100 Points each, and if you perform badly or your opponent outshines you, you will lose points.

The person with the lowest amount of points when the time goes out is the loser and the other with the most points advances on.

If your Pokémon is KO'ed during the battle all your points will be lost automatically and the other will be declared the winner.


1st Place

Rose Ribbon
A Special Ball Sticker
30 Forum Points!

Good luck!
Meap the Alien

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