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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty Rules and Guidelines

Post  Meap the Alien on Wed Jul 21, 2010 8:42 pm

Posting Rules

  1. Keep it PG-13 at most please, no vulgar displays, etc.
  2. No Spam!
    Spamming means: No rapidly posting the same thing. No excessive posting every other time.
  3. If a problem that gets out of hand comes up, please PM an Admin about it and they will help solve it, don't get involved with it!
  4. Try to keep everything where it is supposed to go, because mods/admins can't keep track of every post.
  5. No double posting please! Only double post when updating an art thread/fan fic. thread. You can post again if nobody has posted in an entire day. That is called bumping, which is allowed.

Signature Rules

  1. Keep your images each under 500 width, 200 height.
  2. Max amount of image per signature is three
  3. Try to keep it compacted so it doesn't take up too much space on the page.
  4. To activate your signature do the following: Profile>Preferences>Always Attach My Signature>Yes
  5. You may have three KANTOMyAdopts in your signature. Adopts from other sites are not allowed in signatures.

Multiple Accounts

  1. Multiple Accounts are NOT allowed, though if approved by an administrator, having multiple RPG characters is allowed, though you must PM an admin about it first.

PM Rules

  1. Advertising is not allowed through PM's. If someone Advertises to you through PM please report it to an administrator or moderator. Though you may have one link to another site in your signature.

Role Playing

  1. First off, no god-modding! Your Pokémon can't win every battle you know!
  2. No controlling other characters unless you are modding someone.
  3. You are allowed to role play on the same thread as someone else as long as it is okay with them.

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